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Fun With Palettes!

mangycoyote: I got a few people asking about the little “exercises” I give myself to do when I need to warm up, break out of art block, or just have fun doodling… so here’s one for you guys to try! It’s basically like that color scheme meme that was floating around, except you make your own color schemes.

(source: mangycoyote)

PSD #3 - download it here (via excolo’s website)

PSD #1 - download it here (via my website)


download: mf | rs


psd 067 » download


6 of my favourite texture makers @Deviantart :

How To: Sharpen an image in Photoshop

In this tutorial, we will learn how to sharpen an image in photoshop to get a result somewhat like the image below. Please note that we are not going to be using the sharpen filter.

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