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fukuo Asked: Oh, Kevin. What a perfect layout blog ever! I'm fell in love with it and feel so jealous to be quite honest. You're so talented and you are inspire me a lot, dude. Keep it up and keep inspiring me! Thank you for your existence. I appreciate your work. 一 Much Love, Faiz Ichsan Jaya.


aww thank you so much. your very kinds words mean a lot to me!

you’re a very good designer, and are one of those people who inspired me to get into theme making (again). have a nice day! 

(and everyone should check out his amazing themes!)

Anonymous Asked: For your theme Fidelius, where did you get the icon photo from?

to be honest, i can’t remember

Anonymous Asked: omg your new layout is awesome, but i have a question, the header that displays the themes did you made it or you used a tutorial?? i wanna learn how to make awesome themes like you TT__TT

awwww, thank you so much. keep on trying and you’ll eventually make good themes!

it’s a roundabout carousel jquery plugin from this site

ohmygondola Asked: Hi! I'm using your theme Quietus and I love it! I did notice that the Archive button goes to "acrhive" instead of "archive." It's a small problem, easily fixed. I just thought I'd let you know in case you didn't notice and a problem came up for another person using it. :) Great theme though! Thanks!~

oh my goodness, thank you so much for informing me. i really should double check my codes next time!


Anonymous Asked: i was just wondering, what devices and programs do you use to make your themes?

by device you mean like laptop/mac etc? well if that’s the case, then I use a HP pavilion dv6 laptop with windows 7

and as for programs, I used to use this little text editor called Jarte, but it’s not really that handy anymore as it renders certain symbols weirdly (e.g. the arrow symbols). i now like to use notepad++ for my website designs as it includes syntax highlighting. but i just code straight onto the customizer for tumblr themes, because the new customize page has a very neat text editor with syntax highlighting also :D

Anonymous Asked: Hello, I am trying to install your 'Quietus' theme - but it does not seem to work. I paste in the html that is given in your .txt document but it doesn't seem to work for me - please advise :)

there is no .text file, you should be downloading it from this link: http://pastebin.com/HC9DQNdQ

Anonymous Asked: I was wondering, is it possible to add more options to the drop down navi? Or is that something that cant be changed? Regarding the Quietus theme btw

you can add more than 3 custom links in the drop down menu by using Tumlbr’s pages function and checking “show a link to this page”

i’ll probably write a tutorial on it soon as so many people are asking me this type of question.

red-headed-girl-with-a-dog-deac Asked: Hello, how big is the sidebar graphic? what size does it have to be? Love the theme, so beautiful!

it doesn’t matter, whatever image you upload, it’ll resize the image to the correct dimensions. :) and thank you so much!

Anonymous Asked: for the redirect page you made, the background photo is of a city, how can i change it to something else? Nothing is working!

search the code for this link: http://static.tumblr.com/sjl0ztp/Elem9ghao/imagee.png

and replace it with the link to your new image

Anonymous Asked: Hi, for your theme Stupefy, is there any way to get rid of the infinite scrolling?

no. most of my grid themes won’t have pagnition and only infinite scroll because I think the theme functions better and is more smoothe with infinite scroll.

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