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An Update (March 2013)

Hi everyone,

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to release a theme in 2 months. I’ve just had so much school work to do. Thankfully, school is over but I’m working on so many other projects (including a few commissioned works) so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to squeeze in a theme any time soon. I’ve also got work experience in the next week.

Also, I’m sorry if your questions aren’t getting answered as quickly as before. I just want to say: I will not help with customizing a theme (i.e. changing post sizes, restructuring the layout etc.). And also, I know there are bugs in my themes, so I would like to thank you if you inform me, but please don’t expect a reply as when I fix up the codes, I’ll update everyone the blog (or the #updates tag). If your question hasn’t been answered, there’s a good change that these are the reasons why.

Thank you,


Theme removal added in Tumblr Theme Garden update



Tumblr now allows theme developers to “retire” unwanted Tumblr themes from the Theme Garden.

Retiring Tumblr themes permanently deletes the theme’s page in the Theme Garden, preventing further installations.

Users who have already installed your code will be able to continue using the theme as usual.

How to remove your Tumblr theme

  1. Head over to the Tumblr Theme Garden
  2. Select the “Manage your themes” button
  3. Hover over the theme you wish to remove and select “retire”

i think this may be enough to make me move my themes over to the theme garden. orz….


Tumblr has redesigned the ask form used in all Tumblr blogs.

See how it looks in your Tumblr themes, it’s beautiful!

Note: If you’ve embedded your Tumblr ask form in another page, be sure to update the iframe height from “149” to “190” or the submission button will be hidden.


School has already started for me, so I just wanted to make a little announcement of what this means for Excolo.

Questions may take a little longer to answer, and priority will be given to questions regarding bugs, or something that isn’t working on the theme. Please don’t be offended if your question isn’t answered or if it takes quite a while for me to respond. Also, themes won’t be released as often, maybe or two every month if I’m lucky. (My weekends are already eaten up by other schooling and extra tutoring, not to mention, I do have a life outside of Tumblr.)

I hope everyone has a good day!

Thank you, Kevin 

New Layout!

I’ve finally decided to replace the very outdated old layout for Excolo with a more modern, refreshing and light look. I don’t know if I like this new layout more than the old one, but I think it’s much easier to browse functionality wise.

The index page sports a “roundabout” carousel featuring the 5 most recent themes, a “sticky” sidebar and an improved navigation system (using the fixed header and sidebar).

I’ve also updated the FAQ. It now looks less cluttered and more easier to find things, just click the question and the answer magically slides down. It is now also more thorough.

Last, but definitely not least, themes now have their own page with a nice simple-to-use layout. So what do you all think!?

I have a new years present for y’all!

2 new Tumblr themes. Enjoy!


I’m back to prison school so I’ll probably be a little more inactive than usual (I’ve haven’t been updating much throughout the last few days because I was working on my website and had a Ecology paper that is due on the first day of school D: ). Anyway, this means I can probably only make themes on weekends so that means 1 theme a week (if I’m not stuffed with homework). This also means that answering questions may take a little longer than usual and they may be very brief and straight to the point. Some questions that don’t require an immediate answer (e.g. compliments), I’ll put to the bottom of my “to-answer” list, so please don’t be offended if your question isn’t answered immediately.

Sorry! I’ll try to be as active as I can!

Hi everyone! I have just finished expanding Excolo Tumblr into a whole website! You can now find resources that I have made myself on excolo.skycircus.org. Please check it out and post a little message on the chatbox!


Re-Download Immobulus Theme →

If you’ve downloaded it in the last few hours, you should re-install it because I’ve fixed a bug that doesn’t allow you to change the colour of the paper and lines in chrome + safari. 

Hey everyone! I’M OFFICIALLY ON SPRING BREAK! That means no school for 2 weeks and more theme making time! I’ve spent the last hour making a new theme which we’ll just call “paper” for now (it’ll be called something else when it’s released). There’s a sneak peak of the theme above!  I’m anticipating to release it tomorrow when I finish off the minor touches and add some more styling! :D I’m so excited and can’t wait to make more themes!

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