Priori is a heavily edited version of my Stupefy theme, which I have turned into a horizontal scrolling theme. The theme is a simple looking, stripped down, minimal theme with lots of colour options.

Features include: horizontal scrolling, fixed sidebar, sidebar icon, background image, like/reblog/perma buttons on post hover, custom/small scrollbar (chrome+safari only), show/hide captions, grayscale posts, pagnition (no infinite scroll), 3 custom links, google analytics.

Important Info: There is no infinite scroll, simply because I haven’t been able to come up with a way to do it in horizontal scrolling themes, so please do not message me about this. Also, you must have a sidebar icon, otherwise, your default portrait will appear.

Please leave the credit if you choose to use this theme. If you run into any troubles, feel free to sumbit a question!

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    [#8] PRIORI PREVIEW | DOWNLOAD [ALTERNATE LINK] Priori is a heavily edited version of my Stupefy theme, which I have...