Hi everyone! As stated in my last post, I’ve just updated Excolo’s theme! The preview above does not really do this theme justice in my opnion. If you go to the blog and preview it, you’ll see that it’s totally more cooler.¬†Permalink¬†slide-down on post hover, “everything but” navigation links in the header, pop-up boxes, news and updates section… and much more have been added to this theme.¬†

I also adapted the theme so it would look good on smartphones/small internet capable devices! This is the first time that I haven’t used a template to make a mobile version, so it took some experimenting. Go and preview it on your phone, or just resize the browser until it is about a iPhone size and you’ll see it in action!

Overall, I really like this new theme and I think it’s so much more fresh and lively compared to the old theme! Anyway, news time: Spring holidays are coming up in a week so I’ll have plenty of time to make new themes (I’ve started sketching ideas for a horizontal scroll and another sidebar theme)! If you have any theme suggestions, head over to my ask box and suggest away!

Anyway, sorry for the slow question answering and absence in theme making, life’s (aka school) has been hectic at the moment and I’ll be on much more frequently soon when holidays come! c:

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