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Those on Windows 8 (?)

Do you think I should upgrade my windows 7 laptop to windows 8? What are your thoughts?

I know this isn’t theme related, but just wondering..

EDIT: Thank you guys for the suggestions, they’ve really helped!

Update - April 2013

Hi everyone! I haven’t released a theme in what seems like forever (around 3 months or something..). I know I’ve been a little very inactive on Excolo for a while and I’m now going to officially announce that I will be going on hiatus until further notice. The main reasons for this are:

  1. School. I have school, I have assignments, I have exams. I don’t have the time to commit to weekly or even monthly theme making because of this.
  2. I am currently re-defining my skills. I believe I still have a heap to learn when it comes to web design and I am currently not really happy with my themes (back-end codes, design, aesthetics etc.). I want to take a break, learn as much as I can and then produce something I can be really happy.
  3. I am working on an exciting new project! I’m not going to unveil it yet because there is a lot still to do and I am working at snail pace. But I can say that it involves Tumblr themes, and I will be doing something that I have wanted to do for a long time. More will be revealed closer to the date. (I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this project won’t be done until September/October-or maybe even the end of the year..)

I am sorry for not being able to make Tumblr themes on a regular basis because I know how much you guys enjoy them and I really enjoy making themes for you too. 

I will be answering questions still, and will be posting resources and whatnot here and there.

And to end, here’s a joke (Only theme makers/web designers will get this.. hahaha) —

"A web designer walked into a bar, but left immediately in disgust because he/she didn’t like the table layout"

Anonymous Asked: hi, sorry to bother you! i'm using your theme stupefy for my blog, and i love it, but not all of the posts are showing up, and it won't let me scroll down. only the first 10 posts are showing up. i don't know if i've accidentally done something to it or something?

change the number of posts to 15 in the customize page under ‘advanced’



jQuery (Tumblr) Photoset Grid (linked to here as well)

Koken (not tumblr related but for anyone planning on hosting a site or alike)

Lorem Pixel (I’m sure everyone is familiar with Lorem Ipsum, this is the image placeholder)

Coffitivity (my personal favourite - recreates a coffee shop vibe to help creativity)

CSS Beautifier


CSS Only Alternative to the Select Element

Custom Google Background (not theme related but I’m sure we have a lot of Google/Chrome users)

Wow this resource round-up is great. I’m definitely loving JS photoset grid and Koken!

Just informing you…

that I probably won’t be answering any questions over the next week. There are a few reasons for this:

  • school is coming up, I need to finish my 2 assignments which I’ve been putting off until the last few days of the holidays
  • I’ve got commissioned work to complete
  • and my internet recently got capped. in Australia our internet service providers cap our internet. I’m on a 120GB plan and and my brothers and I have used up all of that internet and there’s still a week left of the billing month, meaning my internet is now CRAZY slow and it takes like 20 minutes to load up someone’s blog so I probably won’t be able to diagnose the problem etc.

I am working on a new theme… but its slow progress. don’t except it soon.

thank you and have a nice day! c:

Responsive Tumblr photosets with jQuery Photoset Grid


jQuery Photoset Grid makes Tumblr photosets resizeable (no more chopped off photosets), breaking the constraints of Tumblr’s own photoset script which can only be set to widths of 250px, 400px, 500px or 700px .

This plugin was originally used internally in Style Hatch’s premium Tumblr themes, but has now being released for free use by the folks at Style Hatch.

Using Photoset Grid: the Basics


The HTML is based on the photoset block, remember to include photosets within the posts block:

  <div class="photoset" data-layout="{PhotosetLayout}" data-id="photoset{PostID}">
      <img src="{PhotoURL-500}" />


Be sure to reference the jQuery library and Photoset Grid plugin in your HTML:

<script src="//ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.9.1/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script src="http://static.tumblr.com/wgijwsy/jgemkyt9x/jquery.photoset-grid.min.js"></script>


At the most basic level, the jQuery plugin simply has to be called like so:


By default, the plugin generates a responsive grid without space (gutter) between images.

Be sure to check out the theme documentation to further customize your photoset with options, a lightbox plugin, plus HTML for a Tumblr photoset that links each image.

Download the plugin at Github

Read complete documentation

(source: buildthemes.tumblr.com)

thehiddenpages Asked: There's a problem with the links on Quietus theme. If I click on Link 1, then click Link 2, the URL will look like this: (my URL)/tagged/tagged/hear, that's why the page says "Not Found." Clicking Link 3, the URL will look like this: (my URL)/tagged/tagged/tagged/stories. How can I fix this without clicking Home before proceeding to the next link? (That solves my problem but I don't want to do it every time I click my links.) Hoping for your response.

ok in the customization menu, make the url like this: /tagged/tries

notice the extra “/" at the start? YOU NEED THAT! everything should work now! :D

yayitsstef Asked: Why isn't my instagram thing working? :c Is what I did to the theme OK? I left your credit on it.

i just want to announce this:


sorry for caps, I had to get the message across. I’ll try to fix it but it’s a little complex ish. and I have no time at the moment.

(and yes, I really love the colours you used on the blog customization) 

jonginmybutt Asked: when i paste the codes on the theme's download page, the button goes all "Invalid HTML", so then the preview only follows the way the theme was plotted and not the color, font, and other stuff. i tried switching to the tumblr base theme; but it still doesn't work. hope you understood all of that. what should i do? i really love your themes....

for me, when I get ‘invalid HTML’, i just leave it for a few seconds and then the ‘update preview’ button comes up. i have no idea what’s wrong. however, if the theme is “plotted”, then just save and refresh and the appearance options should come up.


Google Nose (everything)

Smelling is believing. Try out Google’s brand new Google Nose Beta! Smell your searches!

You’ve done it again Google! ;-)

guys, you need to try this

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