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Blog appearance

Your blog is very organized. I like the hover effect that the ribbon does, and how easy it is to find your new themes. Having a search bar is genius and how even though it redirects, elements of your theme is still visible. I would however stylize the search bar more. One things that irks me though (my ocd kicking in) is the last link of the navigate how it takes up the entire space. Maybe add another link there from the top navigation bar, or just remove a link to make sure everything is evened out. But I do understand why you have that because of the hover effect (me likee). Which brings me to my next point. I go on your blog all the time for code snippets you find, and I find that there is no direct link to them on your blog except for the tags. 


You have a good amount of themes, and they are range in styles which I think is a big plus. There’ll be something for everyone. I like the hover effects your have in your themes especially quietus, avis, and fidelius. 

I also like the simplicity of some of your themes. There isn’t a lot going on, and so everything is very clean. 

Now what I want to really talk about is your Avis theme. The theme is absolutely amazing. Everything about it, the content, the colors, the effects, just everything. It’s probably one of my favorite themes. 


Since you do not have any pages, I cannot comment on this


I’ve already told you how I feel about your resources. I do like how you have a wide range of resources, not just sticking to backgrounds, and fonts, but also coding.

Final thoughts

The content of your blog is amazing. Like I said you’re my go to blog for jquery coding. You have a wide range of resources and different theme styles. Your resource links needs a bit more organization however, but you are one of my favorite blogs.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! You’re advice is going to help direct where this blog will be going so this is great! c:


Double Dashboard Update!

First, the new Activity page lets you graph the latest activity on your blog, view your top fans and posts, and see all of your recent notifications.

Second, a new way to see notes that’s faster (endless scrolling!) and highlights likes/reblogs/replies from people you follow!

Fitvids.js - Perfect Videos

Similarly to Tumblr’s Photoset problem, videos on Tumblr also have set widths (at 250px, 400px, 500px, 700px). Now a fix is here! Fitvids.js is developed by Chris Coyier of css-tricks.com and automatically resizes your video player to fit the container’s width! Perfect for responsive themes.

To use this jQuery plugin, use the code below (I’ve uploaded the files to Tumblr’s static uploader):

<script src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.9.1/jquery.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="http://static.tumblr.com/qvtfufx/H56mpjuti/jquery.fitvids.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">

Change article to your posts’ element. I’m using the HTML5 tag article, but you can change it to a class (eg: .post). It’s best not to use a div (eg: #post) because divs should be unique. (It’s good to practice good syntax :D)

Amazing Resource: We Love Icon Fonts

I’ve been working on a few projects lately that require icons and social icons and I’ve always used images because I thought that downloading icon fonts, converting them to svg (for firefox and ie), uploading them and then inserting them into the code was way too much work for like 5 icons. 

Well I’ve just stumbled upon this amazing little gem that is similar to Google Webfonts BUT USING ICON FONTS! Basically, you pick the packs you want and then simply insert the generated, hosted code files into your css. Done! How simple was that! 


Detailed instructions on how use the fonts are on the site (and it’s really simple to use also!).



Halftone Creator Photoshop Plugin

Clipping Magic (Online alternative to Photoshop that removes the background from images)

CSS3 Text-Shadow Effects (A project on CodePen, neat way to learn new tricks)

Magnific Popup (jQuery pop-up plugin)

CSS Tube Map by John Galantini

Free PSD: Flat File Icons

CSSmatic (Generator for gradients, border-radius, box shadow and noise texture)

Wooden Backgrounds & Textures (shared by ninpen)


i’ve been making colour palettes from posts i’ve seen on my dash, and it was a fun exercise until i realized i might’ve made too many

so here are my favourites!

just finished a big commissioned job!

but seriously, i’m pretty tired now and ALL exams are next week :(


(n.b. probably only theme makers will get this)

Ninpen’s Wooden Backgrounds

Here is my collection of wooden backgrounds and textures. 


Anonymous Asked: hi i love your themes, but do you have a personal blog? C:

well, the blog that i update most now is unfilledcanvas, which is just tumblr where I post random bits of inspiration (landscapes, photography, architecture, design etc..) daily. *PLEASE DO NOT SEND THEME MESSAGES THERE*

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